My Yoga Story

       We are all on a journey.........years before I ever stepped onto a yoga mat, my inner athlete led me to compete in several body building competitions after years of free weights in a gym setting. Then numerous cycling & fundraising events across the Carolinas including “Cycle to the Sea”, with A.S.A.P. (Adaptive Sports Adventure Program). Our trek of 180 miles in 3 days, beginning in Charlotte NC with our final destination in Myrtle Beach SC. was a powerful experience as many of the participants were hand-cyclists, either amputees or paraplegics. I then took up the challenge to complete a Half Iron Man event. A triathlon consisting of 70.3 miles of endurance and strength as you swim, bike and run pushing your body to it's limits.......


       And then there was yoga........

To be honest, my first yoga class was anything but peaceful, calming or enjoyable! Seriously!

     My best friend took me to a class and I quickly found out, it was NOT my thing, (or at least that's what I told my self at the time). I was bored throughout the whole class and ended up having a panic attack in Savasana, (that's the part at the end of class where you just lie down, relax and breathe!) Needless to say, I didn't come back to it for many years! I had been able to challenge and push my physical body for many years, but couldn't accept the challenge of stilling my mind. 


                        I didn’t come to yoga because of the postures.

     What finally drew me into this practice was a direct connection to the calm and peaceful experience I gained each time I stepped onto my mat. The stillness finally appealed to me. I now know that I avoided yoga for many years because it was too “mindful” and I wasn't ready for the challenge of quieting my mind. What I now know but didn’t realize at the time was that this was the real “meat” of yoga. The work going on inside of me was actually greater than anything else that I was doing on the outside." 

     Discover and nurture your truest self. Get strong and flexible in your body, mind and spirit. Engage more fully in your life, shedding the things that are holding you back and stepping into life, more aware.

Let's enjoy and have fun in the process!





     I am a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance #192160. I received my 500 hour Certification in Hatha Yoga, focusing on postures , alignment and the breath. Teaching various classes throughout the week, I offer group classes in several locations, from a traditional yoga studio to area churches as well as private sessions. 

     If time is an issue and you find it difficult to work a class into you schedule, I also offer on-site corporate yoga, bringing yoga into your workplace. Whether you come to yoga as a physical practice, to become stronger and more flexible, improve balance as well as your overall well being from injury or disability or to generate some ease in this fast paced life, you will find all of this and more in the classes or private sessions of your choice.

           Please contact me for more information and to join me in this beautiful practice!


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About Yoga

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Corporate Yoga

Bringing the practice of mindfulness to you 

Whether it is a recent injury or a physical disability or challenge, we will safely work to meet you where you are.


Learn basic poses, focus on breath-work & gain confidence to feel more at ease when you walk into a yoga studio

Serious Students

For those looking to enhance their current practice or to focus on specific interests

Mind, Body & Spirit


Create a personalized package to fit your needs 

Meditation~ Yoga~Massage Inspiration

Private Yoga Sessions

Are Private sessions right for me?

- Individually Tailored

- Injury or  Physically Challenged

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