Vibrational Sound Therapy

Sound penetrates consciousness more deeply than anything else. The use of sound

& music for healing is an ancient technique from varied spiritual & sacred traditions around the world.

     Vibrational Sound Therapy is an ancient healing modality and modern therapy that uses the deep vibrations from Himalayan bowls, (often known and referred to as 'Singing Bowls), that are placed directly onto the body to achieve relaxation and a state of meditation for the client. Incorporating beautiful Himalayan singing bowls into a massage/bodywork session or as therapy involving only the bowls for deeper relaxation can bring about a powerful experience of relaxation and renewal, wholeness and well-being.

Sound Therapy Massage can aid in:


-Inducing a deep state of relaxation

-Diminishing sleep disorders & depression

-Relieving tension & blockages

-Developing greater inner harmony

-Freeing the body of ailments, daily stress, sorrows, & fears

-Increasing creativity, clarity, and confidence

-Triggering the body’s natural self healing

~Calming the mind, body and spirit

There is a rhythmic  quality that brings about a sense of relaxation that you simply cannot achieve with words or even physical touch. Once you feel the oscillating vibrations of  a variety of therapeutic singing bowls pulse deep into your muscles, ligaments, tendons, all the body’s soft tissue, your body will instinctively begin to shift and release tension that is held beneath the skin, even in the recesses of the mind.

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a standardized technique that uses therapeutic singing bowls on and around the body for relaxation. These sessions can be sound therapy alone, or include massage as well as sound, whichever is best suited for your specific needs.