The Power of Sound Healing

       Sound Healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind and has been used the world over to attune, invoke, and transform consciousness. Sound produces powerful vibrations and, as we are vibrational beings by nature, our very structure is transformed by its movement. Every organ, bone and cell in our body has a resonant frequency and when our bodies feel sluggish, uninspired or unhealthy, sound can reset and re-tune these subtle energy fields. Singing bowls create both pure tones and harmonic overtones which have the ability to shift brain waves, enhancing relaxation, creativity and healing.










Sound Concerts

     A private sound concert is a lovely way to experience healing sound. You get to choose the location and invite your people to share the experience with you. Sound concerts are great for private parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, retreats, memorials, and even family gatherings.


     People often choose to have them in their homes, but there are other options for larger events such as yoga studios, retreat centers, or corporate locations. I will usually bring a wide variety of Himilayan Singing Bowls, chimes,and other instruments depending on what your venue space allows. Please see the Vibrational Sound Therapy page for a description of the sound experience through massage.




Re-tune, realign and harmonize trauma or imbalance on the

physical, mental or emotional level.

Sound and vibration can help to alleviate pain and discomfort, inviting

deep relaxation and relief.

This enables the body to make the shifts necessary for healing to take place on all levels.


             Sound therapy sessions are offered one-on-one, for couples and small groups.  

*A session may include Tuning Forks, Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, gong and other instruments as well as vocal practices.

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Sound can improve and transform a range of conditions, including chronic illness, trauma, and much more. 

Benefits include:

Access deep states of relaxation

Relieve stress

Quiet the mind

Release undesirable thought structures and habits

Manage depression and anxiety

Establish a deeper resonance with your self

Cultivate inner peace and calm

Increase self-confidence

Enhance your ability to listen and pay greater attention to details

Recover from insomnia and poor sleep

Enhance your meditation practice