"I've been going to Renee' for over a year now.  When I started, I was having sciatic pain from a herniated disc.  Renee was able to help me eliminate my pain, and has continued to keep my back healthy.  I typically see her twice a month, and credit her with much of my recovery."  "She is highly recommended." ~Bryan Graham~

   “I discovered the benefits of massage many years ago, and have been to many different therapists.  Renee is by far the most knowledgeable and in tune with her craft, that I have been to.  I recently had a knee replacement, and Renee' has played a very key role in my recovery.  From her “healing hands”, to her knowledge of other natural remedies that eased some of the aches, combined to make my recovery much easier.  I highly recommend Renee', and I look forward to every appointment, as I know I am not only going to feel better after the treatment, but I am also going to have more knowledge about my body, and how to improve my own physical well being”. ~TM~

   "Renee' is a beautiful gift to those fortunate to be graced by her lovely presence.  The gift of herself flows abundantly, expressed through massage, yoga, art, etc.  Truly she is an angel in our midst." ~ Jay Johnson~

   "I have been a client of Renee's for over a decade and I have experienced many facets of her massage and body work. Her constant training, experience and study in the many different forms of massage  show through each and every session. Whether you need a massage to relax and rejuvenate or work on muscle issues you won't be disappointed. Renee' is both personal and professional in all that she does!"  "Get ready to enjoy!" ~MG~

Renee' is "magical".

"Everything is perfect from the soft light, relaxation music, feeling of warmth, aroma of essential oils and making sure I get the best massage for my needs. The one hour sessions are great, but the two hour session is "icing on the cake"! Her work is truly therapeutic. I leave feeling relaxed, that my stress is melted away, a clear mind and just the overall feeling of wellness. Renee' has extensive training in a variety of  massage techniques. One of my favorite techniques is "cupping". She demonstrates her training and knowledge of the human anatomy, as well as her keen intuition as she applies it to her clients. I have tremendous respect for her professional skills and talent and will continue to refer clients and friends to her for what feels like a long vacation." ~B. Butler~

"Renee’ is excellent in all that she does! I have participated in her Yoga classes and have been a massage client of hers for several years. She has a passion for both professions and continually educates herself to provide diversity in her classes and well- founded advice to her therapy clients. Aside from Yoga and massage…Renee’ is an amazing vocalist and writer. Her book, Isabel’s Song, is a delightful must read children’s book. Beyond her professional accolades, Renee’ is a strong Christian woman with a love of her friends and family. I have been blessed to call her friend." ~K. Herring ~