Upcoming Events

* March 16th: Halo Yoga @ Salinity, Hickory NC  6 PM

* March 21st:  Lunchtime Yoga @ Salinity, Hickory NC 11.45 am

* March 26th: Lunchtime Yoga @ Salinity, Hky NC 12.45 pm

* March 26th: Beginner's Yoga @ Yoga with an Edge(YWAE), Hky NC 7.30 pm

* April 2nd: Beginner's Yoga @ Yoga with an Edge, Hky NC 7.30 pm

* April 16th: Beginner's Yoga @ Yoga with an Edge, Hky NC 7.30 pm

* April 23rd: Beginner's Yoga @ YWAE, Hky NC 7.30 pm

* April 24th: Community Yoga @ North Minster Church, Hickory NC 6.15 pm

*April 30th: Beginner's Yoga @ YWAE, Hky 7.30 pm

*May 7th: Beginner @ YWAE, Hky 7.30 pm

*May 8th: Community @ North Minster Church 6.15 pm

*May 14th: Beginner, YWAE, Hky 7.30 pm

May 21st: Beginner, YWAE, Hky 7.30pm

*May 22nd: Community Yoga @ North Minster 6.15 pm

*May 28th: Beginner @ YWAE 7.30 pm

May 12th

1pm to 4pm

Broken Arrow Farm

Grand Opening

(Rustic Event Venue)

Claremont, NC

Food, Live Music, Vendors

Sound Therapy Immersion

"A Concert for the Senses"


Renee' Barnette

June 16th, 2018


     Yoga with an Edge invites you to join us for an evening of immense relaxation as you are surrounded by uplifting and inspiring sounds designed to deepen your sense of ease and increase your body's ability to relax and renew itself. Vibrational medicine works at a deep cellular level where molecular properties are being charged by vibrations. Keep in mind that it is not just our bodies that are affected by vibration, but also our minds and our spirits.
     Renee' is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, 500 hour Certified Yoga Instructor, Vocalist, Artist, Vibrational sound Therapist, Certified Practitioner.
     Renee' incorporates a large variety of Himalayan & Crystal bowls, also known as "singing bowls", her voice as well as other instruments to create an immersive soundscape that is at once, deeply relaxing, healing and a beautiful sonic treat.
     Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow or anything else to make you more comfortable during the journey.
Doors open at 5.30, concert to begin at 6pm.
90 minutes

My jewelry and art is currently featured at the following:

*Thistle Dew Nicely located in downtown Hickory, NC

* Hickory Museum of Art, (located in the Gift Shop) Hickory, NC

*Gypsy Bee Studio in Morehead City, NC