Sacred Bliss Studio

Transformational Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

     I haven't always understood that truth. Perhaps many or most of our struggles in life come because we are attempting to live our lives in reverse, thinking instead that we are just this  "skin we're in".... merely flesh and blood .

     In an attempt to discover who we are and who we are meant to become, we must first look inward. It is within our hearts that we can find our truest passion, our deepest joy and our highest calling. Sometimes the pursuit is daunting, perhaps even treacherous, but without a doubt it will be worthwhile. Once we discover the heart that is within ourselves, we will begin to find our bliss.

We will cherish and hold it close and it will become for us a sacred space.

     This is where our light can shine the brightest. I believe we are much more connected than we ever dreamed and all of life influences those connections. Whether it is through bodywork, yoga, sound, art or meditation, I hope to be a source of inspiration & encouragement to you as you too, seek to find that light that dwells within you. You are meant to radiate Love and light, and to be a display of God's Glory. Shine On! 


 Covid-19 has certainly given us the opportunity to learn how to be flexible, how to bend without breaking and how to live life being fluid,
changing with each moment as it comes. 

 I am so thankful for each and every one of you and I always look forward
to seeing you virtually or in person.  
 Thank you for your support.